Over the last eight years, I have found the advice of Young Grasshopper to be a gentle and wise guidance whereby I have learnt skills and strategies for guiding my life in positive directions.

The direction my life has taken is significantly more serene, content and fulfilled than what it would have been without Young Grasshoppers help, wisdom and love.

Words cannot truely explain the transformation I have in my heart, mind and spirit.


I was offered a great opportunity to explore myself, my life, work and stress issues with Young Grasshopper. At a critically low time in my life; as a grieving newly separated single Mum of a full-on pre-schooler, I was feeling depressed and on the edge. The coaching and guidance with Young Grasshopper was a profound turning point for me. It gave me the courage, inspiration and confidence to start making bold and meaningful changes in my life.

I felt Young Grasshopper really engaged with me, offering me quick relevant solutions as well as long term solutions to consider exploring. I have learned so much about myself, my potential and the importance of forgiving the past, looking beyond my shortcomings.

Professionally, I embarked on a new and rewarding career pathway, and am now planning for my next career move in to my own business.

On a spiritual level, I have learned the value of meditation and witnessed inner profound changes that have enhanced every area of my life.

To cap it off, I have been blessed with a fantastic loving and supportive partner, and we share a mutual passion for helping others.

I feel great gratitude for the guidance, caring and healing I have received, and with a renewed focus, I feel like I have been given a second chance at life!

I would definitely recommend Young Grasshopper as a wise and astute advisor for all aspects of one's life, be it personal, family, work, or going through any life change.

Garry Lawrence

Sometimes situations and events occur where you just don't know how what to do for the best outcome. These in turn tend to produce issues that require resolution as well as questions that need answers, and I have found that the Young Grasshopper podcasts have been absolutely invaluable in providing in depth understandings and solution pathways when I have needed these. Through putting this advice into action, I have been able to achieve successful outcomes to even the most complex problems.

Unsurprisingly, the podcast service I have received over several years from Young Grasshopper has become an essential part of both my business and personal life, and I simply wouldn't be without it. Young Grasshopper has given me the tools to commence realising my deepest aspirations as well as the confidence to know I will be successful in achieving these.

There is no subject that I haven't received the most brilliant advice on (including legal, business, creative, health, relationship and employment related matters), and consequently I am delighted to acknowledge this by highly recommending Young Grasshopper to you."

Glen Sinclair

Thanks for being such an incredible inspiration in my life. Your guidance has helped me become a stronger, more confident person. This has enabled me to progress in my line of work to being one of the highest paid and valued employees. I feel fulfilled and content in my life.

Ian Fountain

In this world the truth can be somewhat elusive but listening to Young Grasshopper is like putting a spotlight on the subject and seeing clearly for the first time.

I have always found Young Grasshopper's advice plain and simple but profound in application. Young Grasshopper is the only one to have ever understood me on all levels.

My life’s success on every level over the last ten years is the proof of Young Grasshopper's encouragement, advice and guidance.

Life was black and white before Young Grasshopper, Now it's technicolour.


Young Grasshopper, thank you so much for the tremendous help you have given me. My lack of confidence has been a huge barrier all my life, & having followed your guidance & advice, I have taken on some challenges that I would never have dreamt of doing.

Your advice is practical, & your guidance is full of wiseness & wisdom. This has led to a great improvement in my quality of life professionally & personally. I have found you to be totally inspiring & empowering. I am so glad I found you!

Jenni Kent

I tended to be an introspective, serious, melancholic type of character. But with Young Grasshopper’s love, guidance and support my whole personality has undergone a profound change.

I see so much more of the positives in life, the joys in life. I laugh so much more and I can honestly say that my heart is now such a happy heart. Thank you. Thank you.

I have more motivation, self confidence and a stronger self-belief which has enabled me to realise more of my potentials in ways I never thought possible. I can say without out any doubt this is due to the motivational podcasts from Young Grasshopper.

Dr Christopher Pease MBBS., FRCPath., FRCPA

Before meeting Young Grasshopper, I had limped and lurched through life as a severely suicidal depressive, with no direction or palpable future. Internally, I was lifeless and agonised, had no access to feelings of love, trust or safety, and spent most of my life preoccupied by survival.

My romantic relationships were frequently catastrophic and I spent much of my time running away or compulsively drawn to them, despite their guaranteed harm. I felt alone, misunderstood and hopeless - almost an alien in this world.

Then I met Young Grasshopper. In a moment I found hope. I intuitively knew that this was my new direction. Over time I began to feel visible, understood, respected, safe and lovable, not only by Young Grasshopper, but ultimately by myself.

Now, instead of internal chaos, I have an inner calm and tranquillity, a sense of direction, optimism and hope. Now, I feel that I belong to this world and really am one of god's creatures after all!!

The journey has not been an easy one. I have had to face who I am, acknowledge all of my good and bad points, as we all are a mixture of both, take responsibility for my actions, learning from and forgiving myself for my mistakes, knowing I can do better, while slowly but surely life took on a rosier and ultimately wonderful perspective.

All the while I have been guided by Young Grasshopper, whose support, patience, and total understanding of all of me was constant. Young Grasshopper has been essential and pivotal in this.
I can truly say that my life has become wonderful.

Years ago, my psychiatrist told me that most people with my form of psychological disorder are dead by the age of 30. I am 55 now, a medical doctor, a pathologist by specialty and am a director of a community laboratory.

Without Young Grasshopper's guidance, this would not have eventuated.

I have NO doubt about that.

Joanna Morton

I used to feel shy and frightened of this world and working with Young Grasshopper has given me the strength and the courage to know who I am and what I have to offer. Young Grasshopper has changed my whole life.


If you are looking for honest, practical and pragmatic guidance, mixed together with a teaspoon of kindness and understanding, then I have no hesitation in suggesting you grab a Young Grasshopper MP3 player and get listening. Young Grasshopper guidance has assisted me to make huge positive changes in my personal and professional life but also maintain the changes.

Karen Knill, Auckland, New Zealand

For many years I looked for ways to make my life have some real meaning - from encounter groups, to commune living, to counseling and self-help books written by 'experts', and many treatment modalities on my journey to becoming a Naturopath, but I was still left with the feeling of always being in the wrong place at the wrong time.

Since being in contact with Young Grasshopper and receiving amazing advice, wisdom, and totally unconditional love and caring no matter what, I have felt many deep inner changes happening in myself.  As a result of these beautiful, and practical gifts of discourses and discussions from Young Grasshopper, I now know I have changed and am still changing into who I always knew I could be - just deeply happy for no reason, face each day with hope and excitment, leave behind limits of age, opinions of other people, worries, and especially the emotional pain and resentments that colored my whole being for so long, even causing some health problems.  Now my health is better and day-to-day tangles are sorted out with greater speed and positivity as I don't carry the past into the present issues so much.  I look forward to a changing and wonderful future! Thank you so much, Young Grasshopper! Xoxoxoxox

Lynda Sloman

It is difficult for me to put into words how much I have been helped by Young Grasshopper as there has been so much involved. I have received so many tools, information, support, love, guidance and much, much more in order to help me in my life.

Just when I have thought I was going backwards in my journey Young Grasshopper would get me to take breath and reflect on what has gone before and I realize where I have been and what my life is now.

In the past I have struggled with many things and gotten such amazing clarity from the advice received from Young Grasshopper. The advice seems simple at the time and I have so many times shaken my head and gone why did I not come to that conclusion myself. It comes with making complexity where there is only simplicity and that is where the clarity of Young Grasshopper shines through.

This simplicity is something, which means so much to me as I created such busyness and confusion in my life I often need to stop and find clarity. That is when I listen closely to the advice that is being given to me via Young Grasshopper and those are the moments when resolutions are most powerful, especially when followed through with action.

It seems that no matter what is happening in my life the answer is always so simple and just there when most needed. That is not to say that I don't need to take responsibility for actioning advise and when I do the outcomes are outstanding.  It just means that I am fortunate enough to be able to know where to come for that clarity. So invaluable in this world to have that when there are so many conflicting ideas out there and in my busy mind.

I certainly would not be where I am today if it were not for the advice received from this wonderful sourse of information. I am eternally grateful.

With much love and gratitude.

Margaret Paterson

With the meditation podcasts I take deep breaths, relax, then fall into a deep sleep. When I wake I am free from tension so ready to progress with my next project.

Molly Mulholland

Before I started listening to young grasshopper, I was going through an emotional breakup, and I felt like I was just drifting along in life. I didn't love myself, and I felt unloved, I had a lot of fear and felt I was not good enough to do a lot of things.

I started listening to the teachings of young grasshopper, on heart healing, positivity, discovering your potential, and I felt like the teachings were just for me, that young grasshopper was talking to me directly, I felt a love and understanding that was so unconditional, without judgements, that I had never experienced before. I did not think I could feel that love inside of me which enabled me to have more love, understanding and compassion not only of myself, but of others around me, and to see the good in everyone, that we are all special in our own way and we all have something to contribute.

Through these teachings I believe in myself more, and believe that I do have the potential to achieve things in my life that I didn't think I could do; I have more confidence, I have less fear.

I am now managing a team of staff, I teach aqua aerobics, I have performed in several variety shows and even played the lead role in a play, which I would never have dreamed of doing, before I met Young Grasshopper.

Young grasshopper's teachings, allowed me to explore who I am, what kind of person I am, how I react to people and situations in my life. I now have better communication and relationships with people that are meaningful, not just lovers, but friends, family, work colleagues, anyone I meet.

These teachings are really powerful, and have had a huge impact on my life and me as a person. Thank you young grasshopper.

Nick Klarwill, Jewellery Designer

This stuff really works! As a business person I have found the help of Young Grasshopper to be completely invaluable.

There are many decisions to be made within the twists and turns of business, and to have advice that instantly makes good common sense with the 'Now why didn't I think of that?' factor has helped me come through with great success.

To have Young Grasshopper as a business mentor is a huge asset. I have found the motivation meditations from Young Grasshopper have inspired me to achieve my goals, and even some dreams that were so secret, I hardly knew they were there! The energy within the Young Grasshopper meditations and teachings has transformed my entire experience of life to one of success and happiness. It didn't happen overnight, but it did happen.

This is spirituality for the modern person, there's no outdated ideas here, just tons of relevant and inspiring information.

Nikki Sinclair

I have gained so much more self-empowerment from working with your guidance and feel I have developed many different skills to navigate my way through life smoothly. I now have a successful business, a successful relationship not to mention a more successful and streetwise me!

I really look forward to hearing new Young Grasshopper podcasts. They are so fascinating and informative! For me Young Grasshopper has made changing into a more well-rounded, motivated, successful person, fun! Thank you so much.

Sharon, IT Industry

When I receive guidance from Young Grasshopper I find that not only is my initial question answered – but I gain a deeper understanding of that whole subject, so even questions I haven’t even asked yet are clarified!

The guidance enables me to participate in my own development – I always hear something more the next time I listen to an answer or a story, and it’s entirely up to me to recognise myself in that and address the next step in my own development.

I've found the guidance from Young Grasshopper directly useful to my work situation, both in helping me to become more effective in my role, but also enabling me to work with others towards a positive outcome, both for the organisation and personally.

Sue Wilson, Registered Nurse

Young Grasshopper has given me the advice and motivation that enabled me to get off a benefit and become a productive member of society, with the ensuing benefits of self esteem and financial gain that go with that.

Young Grasshopper helped me to end the cycle of destructive, unhappy relationships and enabled me to enter into a supportive loving relationship with ongoing advice along the way when things got difficult.

When I met Young Grasshopper I was struggling in many areas of my life ie health, work, relationships etc, but Young Grasshopper has helped me to turn my life around on all of these levels.

Before I met Young Grasshopper I had been looking for answers in my life without success. Now 11 years on I have not had to look anywhere else for the most profound and compassionate answers to all of my questions.