About Young Grasshopper

Based in New Zealand, we have been guiding, helping and caring for people throughout the world with their varied personal and business needs for over twenty years, to enable them to shift their lives and businesses into a state of positive success.


Our diverse range of podcasts empower you to change your life or business through applying cutting edge guidance and positive therapeutic techniques, providing exciting guidance, ideas, concepts and techniques.

All therapeutic podcasts are in the spoken word and many are combined with music to aid left analytical and right gestalt hemispheric integration. The music and the presentation of the wording have been especially designed to break old negative mind sets and life patterns, bringing about positive results for the listener.

Over the last eight years, I have found the advice of Young Grasshopper to be a gentle and wise guidance whereby I have learnt skills and strategies for guiding my life in positive directions. Read on…


Offered as Guidance

We offer practical guidance and solutions that you may want to apply to your life or business. We can only offer you guidance. It is always up to you to apply the guidance, advice and knowledge we offer to gain positive results for yourself. We do not claim in any way that we can change your life or business; only you can do that.

From our experience in observing the people we have helped, we note that using our podcasts with consistency and with continuity has better results than irregular or intermittent use. That is, the more you actively participate in our therapeutic podcasts, the more likely you are to achieve positive results within yourself, by empowering yourself to make change.


You are welcome to read more testimonials from some of those who have already benefited from Young Grasshopper’s guidance.

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